10 Tips For Winter Skincare ~ Natural Style!


Winter skincare tips


Sensitivities, eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin are often made worse in the cold, dry weather of Autumn and Winter. 

Natural products are ideal for winter skincare for dry skin because they don't contain detergents or synthetic substances that dry and irritate skin. Plant oils closely resemble the oils in your skin and work to nourish the deep layers.  A winter skin care routine that swaps out synthetic petroleum-based moisturisers and cleansers will truly make a difference and keep your skin glowing.

Read on for our winter skin tips to give your face and body the T.L.C. it needs to survive this winter.

Tip 1. Drink plenty of water

To hydrate skin from the inside out during winter and help carry nutrients to your skin cells, drink plenty of water and eat lots of juicy fruit and veggies.

Tip 2. Pull on an extra woolly and turn down the heater

Reducing the heat in your home and office, will save energy, money, and reduce the moisture loss from your skin. 

Tip 3. Keep showers short and warm

A tempting long hot shower will strip moisture from your skin and leave you with even more dry skin ... and we all know that short showers save water.   In fact, this is a winter skin tip that will save you money! 

Tip 4. Protect dry lips with lip balm

Men, women and children - no one's lips are safe in cold windy weather! Apply a vegan lip balm made from natural ingredients for your winter skincare.

Our suggestions: Hurraw lip balm and Olieve lip balm

Hurraw lip balm

Tip 5. Use a gentle cream cleanser rather than foaming

In addition to using a natural cleanser, our tip is to rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water.

Ingredients such as sulphates, propylene glycol and alcohol can irritate and dry skin so avoid those at all times, not just the cold months! 

Our suggestions: Be.Unity Organic Aloe Vera Gel Cleanser or the Retreatment Botanics Radiance Cream Cleanser.

Winter skin tip Be.UNITY Aloe Facial Cleanser

Remember, soap is not necessarily bad. It is the "free alkali" in soap that causes irritation. Good quality handmade plant oil soaps usually have the excess free alkali skimmed off the top and don't contain artificial ingredients.

Don't forget your natural and organic shampoos and conditioners that avoid sulphates and chemicals can also cause itchy scalp and dry skin problems on your face and body.  After all, as you wash your hair, those products run down your face and body as they wash away!

Tip 6. Use a natural moisturiser 

Mineral oil-based moisturisers form a layer on top of your skin to reduce moisture loss, rather than being absorbed in to lubricate and support the skin.  Skincare for winter needs the oils to penetrate and nourish your skin.

Apply the moisturiser while your skin is damp. Intensive plant and essential oil skin boosters like rose hip, sweet almond and jojoba oils do wonders.

Our suggestions: Be.Unity Light Face Cream, Be.Unity Australian Jojoba Oil


Be.Unity light moisturising cream for Winter skincare


Tip 7. Exfoliate & Body Brush

Gentle exfoliation removes the dead cell layer making it easier for your skin to absorb moisturisers. Hydrating flower mists or masks help refresh dry skin.

Our suggestions: Corrynne's French Clay Face Block, Retreatment Botanics Refining Face Polish

Tip 8. Exercise your face

A routine of daily facial muscle exercises will help improve dry skin and reduce wrinkles. Proof? Apparently, men generally have fewer wrinkles than women because of the facial exercises they do every day when they shave.

Best of all, it's free and consumes no resources!

Tip 9. Magic of coconut oil

Spread a little organic coconut oil over chapped lips to relieve sore and cracked lips. Or rub coconut oil into your skin - it soaks in and is not greasy.

Coconut oil also makes a beautiful hair treatment. Find our recipe here for a DIY Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment.

Because virgin coconut oil has the same pH and molecular structure as your skin's own oil, it is the closest possible substitute for it to protect and moisturise. At the same time, coconut oil's richness in natural anti-oxidants prevents the formation of damaging free radicals which can attack skin molecules and affect the health of skin cells, causing aged and wrinkled skin.

You can buy coconut oil at the Biome stores online Australia and in our stores. 

Tip 10. Avoid synthetic dishwashing detergents

Hands take a battering in winter and need extra care.  Synthetic detergents, even natural ones, are harsh on the skin, particularly if they contain fake fragrances and preservatives. Using a synthetic-free dishwashing detergent and castile soap is more gentle and less drying.  And always wear rubber gloves.

For emergency revival, before bed rub an oil-rich cream into your hands or feet and put on gloves and socks for the night.

Our suggestions: Biome Castile Soap

Many of these winter skin tips are free or almost free--think exercising your face and drinking water!  You also do not need to buy any special skincare products just for autumn and winter.  Just take more care with your Winter skincare routine to ensure you stay on top of the drying weather. 



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