Biome Staff Picks - Earths Purities Stick Deodorant

This week, Ingrid from our Paddington store shares her favourite Biome product - Earths Purities Stick Deodorant Biome staff picks - earths purities stick deodorant Earths Purities stick deodorant is an effective, natural, aluminum free deodorant that can be used daily to help absorb moisture and eliminate bad smells! Ingrid absolutely loves the unique plastic-free, recycled cardboard packaging and the fact it is made locally in Queensland. She also appreciates that the scent of both the men's and women's deodorant is not overpowering. Ingrid has found many conventional deodorants to be strongly perfumed, which would make her feel quite sick, so she really values that Earths Purities only use essential oils to scent the deodorant. Finding a natural deodorant that works well for you can be tricky, and Ingrid is so glad that she has found a product that works well and also aligns with her values. She also only needs to use this product once in the morning and then she is set for the day! Ingrid says that there are so many benefits using Earths Purities deodorant. The first one is the plastic free packaging - this is such as simple switch that cuts out one more thing that might usually go landfill. It's also a cruelty free product that has not been tested on animals, and uses simple and pure ingredients. Its lower content of bicarbonate soda also makes it a great option if you have sensitive skin. Ingrid loves this deodorant because it is such a good way to look after the environment and your body. Even though you will still sweat a little bit, sweating is a natural way for your body to expel toxins. Once she made the switch and allowed her body to adjust, she actually started to sweat less too! Ingrid mentions that as this is a natural product, it's good to keep in mind it will go hard in winter and soft in summer. She recommends putting it out in the morning sun in winter so it is still easy to apply. Also, as everyone's bodies are different, Ingrid says you may find you need to apply it more than once a day, or that you might need something extra in the really hot Australian summer. For her though, it works all year round! Values this supports: fragrance free, petrochemical free, made in Australia, ethically sourced, toxin free, plastic free Shop Earths Purities stick deodorant here> Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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