Look better, feel better, love your body with Black Chicken Remedies

Chey Birch is the founder and creator of the Black Chicken Remedies range. Chey began experimenting with pure ingredients and aromatherapy in Bondi, Australia way back in 1989. Her concern with the amount of damaging chemicals and synthetic fragrances we apply to our skin while our our body absorbs it, led her to making her own natural alternatives and so Black Chicken was born. "I wanted to find a way to reduce the chances of developing chronic health conditions and to assist the body in a natural way to harness the therapeutic power of natural oils to enhance wellbeing, physically and spiritually" says Birch. She experimented with different combinations until the day came when she realised something very special had ocured and Black Chicken Remedies became a reality. Black Chicken Remedies benefits are not only absorbed through the skin but also through the olfactory system. The fragrance itself, with hints of the tropical and deep surf notes, is a powerful activating factor. Designed for men and women, it responds differently with each person, while the unique experience it provides transcends gender. Black Chicken is the stuff of legend... It's said that 'Black Chicken' is an ancient crone, renowned for her healing powers and ability to transform her appearance at will. For centuries they came to her, with their problems and ailments, to sit at her feet. Only those with good hearts were admitted. Those who had forgotten how to trust sought her door in vain. So the story goes… They came for comfort, for salves, for oils and herbs, for creams and cures. They told their stories and for each she had a little magic to spare. Black Chicken knows, they said, one to another, and so their children learned and their children's children. Black Chicken knows. Chey believes "the power of 100% natural ingredients in Black Chicken Remedies' products will connect you and your precious body with the harmony underlying all living things".  


Black Chicken Remedies products encapsulate the philosophy of wellbeing and reverence for life.

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