Low waste Summer skin care that could also save you money!

Our sweaty Summer months are well and truely here, so we've picked our favourite low waste products to help get your skin through it. It just so happens these products might save money too! Read on to find out more.

Try an oil cleanser packaged in a glass bottle

Low waste Summer care that could also save you money! | Biome Eco Stores | Natural Skin Care Take a small amount of oil (yes, oil!) and massage it gently over your face. After a few minutes, take a warm wet face washer or muslin cloth and drape it over your face to remove the excess oil. Makeup, environmental pollution and impurities will be removed and your face will feel fresher than ever. Despite what you may think, it won't leave your face feeling oily. Cleansing oil is an excellent choice for all skin types - it provides moisture to dry and skin and balances sebum in oily to combination skin. A little goes a long way too. One bottle of Mokosh cleansing oil will last around 4 months if you use it morning and night according to directions. So it works out to be great value. Best of all, the incredible Mokosh range is 100% palm oil free - because high performing toxin free, palm oil free, natural skin care is possible!

Choose a cleanser that is 100% plastic free

Low waste Summer care that could also save you money! | Biome Eco Stores | Natural Skin Care Yes, such a thing exists! A cleansing bar (like a shampoo bar) that comes in a reusable tin or cardboard packaging. One of the great things about a cleansing bar is being able to use every last bit of it! There won't be any left behind in the plastic tube, saving product waste and you, money. Pictured above is the Dindi Naturals blackberry facial cleansing bar. This one is 100% palm oil free, vegan and cruelty free and best suited to oily and acne prone skin. Incorporating powerful salicylic acid and a range of potent plant extracts to clear pores, dislodge blackheads, boost Vitamin C levels and soothe skin, the Dindi Naturals cleansing bar leaves skin squeaky clean, yet hydrated. Use it like you would a bar of soap. Gently massage into damp skin to form a lather, then rinse well and pat dry. It's really important to keep the bar dry in between use.

Sweep the day off with a reusable makeup removal round

Low waste Summer care that could also save you money! | Biome Eco Stores | Natural Skin Care A simple, very handy bathroom essential, a set of reusable makeup rounds can be used to remove makeup, cleanse or apply toner to your skin. Being made from organic cotton and hemp, these reusable make up rounds are beautifully soft. They are easily washed and reused too, saving you from having to repurchase and throw out the disposable kind. Clean, cleansed and toned skin is a summertime essential, as leaving sweat, dust and impurities to build up can clog and congest pores, resulting in acne and black heads. A reusable makeup round will help you keep it in optimal condition!

Save waste and cabinet space with a multipurpose product

Low waste Summer care that could also save you money! | Biome Eco Stores | Natural Skin Care Wonderlightly base balm is the ultimate balm for Summer. Vegan, palm oil free and packaged in a reusable glass jar, this rich, all-purpose balm feeds dry, sun-loving skin, and provides a lovely nourishing layer that locks moisture in, while allowing it to breathe. Use this balm on lips, dry heels and nails, to soothe sunburn and bites, or even as an everyday moisturiser. You can use it as is, neat and unscented, or add your own essential oils and customise it in your way. If you're doing the later, we recommend you take the desired amount from the jar and place it into a glass jug, melt it down (use the double boiler method), remove from heat and add your essential oils. Then pour the mix into your own reusable jar and allow to cool and set. You will always have a purpose for this product, we know it!

Absorb moisture with a talc free, paper packaged body powder

Low waste Summer care that could also save you money! | Biome Eco Stores | Natural Skin Care Body powder, a summertime essential for many, is an extremely effective and efficient product to absorb sweat, control body odour and prevent sweat rash and chafing. Using it will help you avoid spending money trying to treat these issues down the line! While we steer clear of body powders containing talc (see more here) there are some excellent alternatives available, like the Dirty Hippie wild flower body powder. Featuring Calendula for its excellent anti-fungal properties and corn starch to keep skin dry, Dirty Hippie's wild flower body powder is soft and kind to sensitive areas. Use for feet, shoes, in underwear (to prevent yeast infections), under arms and even on your babies bottom after a nappy change. It comes packaged in a recycled paper shaker container that you can easily reuse, otherwise recycle the top and bottom and compost the tube. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics are vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and toxin free.
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