New arrivals at Biome, including Amazing Oils Magnesium

We are so excited to share our new arrivals with you this week. Biome now stocks Amazing Oils Magnesium, for pain relief and relaxation. Plus, Kate Knapp 2017 diaries are now in stock, and create gorgeous henna art, with Boho organic henna.

Amazing Oils Magnesium

New arrivals at Biome Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes Sourced in the Australian desert, Amazing Oils Magnesium is sourced from an area that is so pristine, it provides magnesium of incredible, unmatched quality. Magnesium is up to 10 times stronger and more effective than Epsom salts. It is important for the healthy function of the brain, heart, bones, muscle contraction, and energy products. Magnesium is more readily absorbed through the skin, than orally, and may help in relieving tired and sore muscles, promote relaxation, the healthy function of the lymphatic system, balance the skin's PH levels, and soften the skin and relieve symptoms of general skin conditions. The Amazing Oils Magnesium range includes bath salt flakes, the ugly bits stick, spray, moisturiser and roll-on gel. Values this supports: Made in Australia Shop Amazing Oils Magnesium here >

Ball Mason Dispenser Pint

  New Arrivals at Biome Ball Mason Dispenser Pint We love this genuine Ball Mason jar because it has a push-down stainless steel dispenser in the lid, making it perfect for storing handmade or liquid soap, shower gel, and dishwashing liquid. Our tip: why not take your dispenser jar to a bulk refiller or make your own liquid soap to save money and help eliminate plastic waste. Values this supports: waste free, toxin free, petrochemical free Shop Ball Mason dispenser pint here >

Kate Knapp 2017 Twigseeds Diary

New arrivals at Biome Kate Knapp 2017 diary This hardcover, week-to-page 2017 diary features gorgeous colour artwork by Australian artist Kate Knapp. Each page contains illustrations of cute Twigseeds characters and daily affirmations and quotations. All Kate Knapp products are designed to inspire, uplift and enlighten. She believes passing inspirational messages from one person to another is helping to create a positive shift in values on this planet, thus making a better world for us all. This gorgeous diary is made from eco friendly wood free matt paper, and is printed with vegetable based inks. Values this supports: plastic free, made in Australia Shop Kate Knapp 2017 diaries here >

Supercharged Food - Heal Your Gut Diatomaceous Earth

supercharged-food-heal-your-gut-diatomaceous-earth Also known as fossil shell flour, diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective ways to eliminate bacteria and toxins in your gut. Heal Your Gut diatomaceous earth is sourced ethically from the USA and is the most pure in the world. It helps to clean out accumulated waste, toxins, metals, and mucous in the digestive tract, and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti viral, and anti-parasitic. It can also help improve digestion, waste removal, and increase nutrient absorption. Values this supports: ethically sourced, vegan Shop Heal Your Gut diatomaceous earth here >

Desert Shadow Boho Organic Henna Kit

New Arrivals Desert Shadow Boho Organic Henna Kit   This DIY Henna Kit by Desert Shadow is NASAA Certified Organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. In fact, Desert Shadow is the only supplier of NASAA Certified Organic henna in Australia. It is great for Henna beginners or a teen gift idea. Values this supports: ethically sourced, Certified Organic Shop Desert Shadow boho organic henna kit here > Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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