Make Your Own Cleansing Oil

Make your own oil cleanser | Biome Naked Beauty Bar Using the oil cleansing method, our DIY oil cleanser works to clean, heal and hydrate your skin. Gentle enough for everyday use, the oils that we have combined in our cleansing oil work to combat acne, dryness and keep pH in balance, and is great for any skin type. While it may seem daunting at first, an oil cleanser can be extremely beneficial for the skin. Cleansing oil works with your skin, not against it. Essentially, when massaged into the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities and pull the impurities out without clogging pores. The impurities can be rinsed away and the skin is left feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. Here are the key benefits of the four oils used:

Castor Oil is one of the most popular carrier oils for oil cleansing . The thick consistency makes it an effective cleanser and moisturiser.

Jojoba Oil is great for oily skin. When applied, your skin thinks there is enough natural oil on top of it, and stops overproducing sebum. It's also an incredibly nourishing oil for any skin type.

Apricot Kernel Oil is a light carrier oil and a great moisturiser. Its high Linoleic Acid content also makes it ideal for acne prone skin.

Hemp Seed Oil is non-comedogenic, high in Linoleic Acid, moisturising and anti aging. All skin types can benefit from hemp seed oil.

Make Your Own Cleansing Oil


This recipe makes enough to fill approx. 1 x 100ml amber dropper bottle.


Place oils (and essential oils if desired) into your chosen dropper bottle and shake well. Leave to infuse overnight.

How To Use

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Splash warm water on your face to open up the pores.
  3. Using your fingers, gently massage 3-5 drops of the oil mixture into your face, using a circular motion for about a minute. This will loosen the dirt and bacteria from your pores and help draw it to the surface.
  4. With a warm, wet washcloth, dab your face by pressing lightly all over, allowing the oils to penetrate deeper.
  5. Rinse the washcloth with hot water and place flat onto your face to steam.
  6. Afterwards, thoroughly wipe your face with the wash cloth. Rinse again and repeat if necessary to ensure all the oil is removed.
  7. Splash your face with cold water to close pores. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and highly moisturised.
  8. Follow with a hydrosol and light moisturiser if needed.
  9. Place the washcloth in the wash after use.
Note: If you notice any discomfort, rinse off immediately. Although the oils used in this cleansing oi are pure and gentle, the face is a delicate area, so we always recommend patch testing these oils on your hand first. Store out of sunlight and use within 6 months.

Some parts of this recipe and information were adapted from beautymunsta.


As with all our DIY recipes, you can experiment to suit your preferences. Many factors can change the end result, including temperature, humidity, light, ingredient quality. Some DIYs can be amended by remelting or adding ingredients, but some cannot. Please read the whole recipe before beginning and remember to have fun!

Biome cannot issue a refund if the DIY skin care product, DIY hair care product or DIY body care product you make using our raw DIY ingredients do not perform as you'd hoped. We will, however, offer a refund if the raw DIY ingredient packaging is broken or leaking, or the ingredient itself appears to be ‘off'.

Before using any raw DIY ingredient for the first time, please first research that ingredient's potential benefits as well as safety precautions and possible side effects. Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

If you have severe acne, very sensitive skin, or another skin concern or health condition, we recommend seeking medical advice before using any new product on your skin, whether that be a raw ingredient, a DIY product you've made yourself, or commercially formulated product.

Please exercise caution when using essential oils. If you are pregnant or have any kind of health or skin condition, we recommend you speak to your doctor before use. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, so use in moderation. Pure essential oils should never be used directly on the skin and should never be ingested. When using an essential oil for the first time, do a skin patch test. Each essential oil is unique and may not be suited to everyone. Please research potential benefits as well as safety precautions before using any essential oil. Some essential oils may interfere with medication. Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

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