How To Get Rid Of Razor Burn With Our DIY Razor Burn Spray

Wondering how to get rid of razor burn? Our soothing, simple, natural DIY razor burn spray can help! Combining ingredients such as soothing coconut oil, calming chamomile and calendula, antiseptic witch hazel and essential oils known for their antibacterial properties, our razor burn spray works to preempt, soothe and speed up the healing process.  Use a safety razor and then apply to freshly shaved legs to prevent razor burn, or to existing bumps to help heal skin more quickly.

How to get rid of razor burn with our DIY razor burn soothing spray | Biome Naked Skin Care | Biome Eco Stores

Reduce Razor Burn With Our DIY Razor Burn Soothing Spray


You will also need a fine sieve or nut milk bag, funnel, and 2-3 x 100ml glass spray bottles (or one glass spray bottle and store the remainder in a sealed container). *Most witch hazel products contain a large percentage of alcohol, which will sting and irritate the skin, especially after shaving. The witch hazel that we sell at Biome is organic and alcohol-free. You can substitute different essential oils, but we recommend using an essential oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.



  1. Place the dried chamomile and calendula flowers in a glass bowl or jug. Cover with the boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Allow to cool.
  2. Once cool, strain the infusion through a fine sieve (a tea strainer nut milk bag will work), and set the infused water aside (don't strain the water over the sink - you want to keep the water for the next step!). Ensure you remove all the flower residue.
  3. Combine the infused water, fractionated coconut oil, witch hazel and essential oil in a glass bowl or jug. Stir well.
  4. Pour into your chosen spray bottles (a funnel will make this easier) and seal.

    How To Use

    Spray liberally onto your skin before and after shaving to help prevent razor burn and bumps. Separation may occur which is normal. Shake well before each use. Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Use within 6 months. Please discontinue use if any irritation occurs.



    As with all our DIY recipes, you can experiment to suit your preferences. Many factors can change the end result, including temperature, humidity, light, ingredient quality.

    Before using any raw DIY ingredient for the first time, please first research that ingredient's potential benefits as well as safety precautions and possible side effects. Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

    Please exercise caution when using essential oils. If you are pregnant or have any kind of health or skin condition, we recommend you speak to your doctor before use. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, so use in moderation. Pure essential oils should never be used directly on the skin and should never be ingested. When using an essential oil for the first time, do a skin patch test.  Check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.


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