Make Your Own Soothing Bug Bite Balm


A bug bite balm is just what the doctor ordered for summertime. Not only can it deter mozzies and bugs from biting you, but it also helps to soothe itchy, red bites from the ones that get through (if any!).

Coconut Oil is antibacterial and moisturising, both healing and nourishing bites and skin. Shea Butter has soothing vitamin E, helping to calm bites. Beeswax or Candelilla Wax both act to create a protective, breathable barrier on the skin helping the bug bite balm to stay on. Rosemary Oil is a natural astringent and eases redness, so works to calm angry-red bites. Peppermint Oil is strongly scented, an antiseptic and astringent, helping to sanitise and prevent infection. Lemongrass Oil is a great disinfectant too, and is an insect repellent, keeping biting insects at bay. Eucalyptus Oil is a great disinfectant, preventing infection if the bite gets scratched and irritated.

Make Your Own Soothing Bug Bite Balm



  1. Add the beeswax or candelilla wax, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil to a medium size glass jar and place into a saucepan filled with about 6cm of water. Turn to medium heat and melt the ingredients.
  2. Turn the heat off and add the essential oils. Stir.
  3. Pour into a glass jar and allow the bug bite balm to cool and set for a couple of hours.

How To Use

Apply bug bite balm liberally, avoiding the face, to discourage pesky mozzies and bugs from biting.

It can also be used as a soothing treatment balm after being bitten, to help ease itchiness, redness and welts. The antiseptic properties of the balm prevent potential infections from scratching.

Keep out of direct sunlight and use within 6-9 months. This recipe makes enough to fill approximately 120ml glass jars.

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