DIY Solutions For All Your Hair Care Needs

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DIY solutions exist for every hair care need. When you shampoo, condition, treat and style your hair, numerous products are able to help. But they may be expensive, ineffective, or filled with synthetics and toxins. But making your own hair products means you know what goes in them, save money in the long term, and can create them to work and suit your hair.

DIY Solutions For Your Hair Care Needs


Liquid Shampoo

You can make and customise your shampoo to fulfill your hair care needs. A simple DIY is to get ready-made castile soap and combine it with ingredients to further nourish your hair. We've done this in our liquid shampoo recipe >

Dry Shampo

Dry shampoo is a great alternative for those who prefer not to wash their hair every day, or who are trying the "No Poo" Shampoo Method. Our dry shampoo recipe utilises ingredients you may already have in your kitchen cupboard, and you can customise the colour with unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon so it blends into your own hair shade.


Apple Cider Vinegar

An easy and natural way to condition your hair is to use apple cider vinegar. Simply dilute a few tablespoons in water, and pour the vinegar-water mixture over your hair while you're in the shower. Rinse our the vinegar with water, and once your hair is dry, it will be bright, shiny and less frizzy. We currently sell apple cider vinegar, produced in Stanthorpe, in all our Brisbane stores >

Hair Spritz

You can also make your own herbal hair spritz, which uses vinegar, dried flowers and essential oils. This cleanses your hair and makes it smell lovely. It can also be customised to suit light or dark hair. Read our Herbal Conditioning Hair Spritz recipe here >


Jojoba Oil

Treating hair with jojoba oil can benefit any hair type. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed, highly moisturising and balances sebum production. This means adding jojoba oil to your scalp may tell it to stop producing so much oil of its own, and therefore look less oily. Dry and normal hair will also become shiny and healthier. Buy our Jojoba Oil here >

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will benefit depending on your hair type. Coconut oil helps hair follicles retain protein, so fine or medium hair will benefit. However, coarse or dry hair usually contains enough protein, so adding coconut oil may make it brittle. If your hair is suited, coconut oil has many enriching vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Calcium and Zinc. Its high fatty acid content locks in moisture. To deeply condition with coconut oil, work some through dry or damp hair. Let it soak for thirty minutes or more, and shampoo afterwards to remove. You can also coat your hands with a small amount of coconut oil and brush your fingers through your hair. If the oil isn't absorbed or makes your hair look oily, shampoo it out. Buy our Coconut Oil here >

Hair Mask

Hair masks are another nourishing hair care treatment option. Clay-based masks detox, clean and nourish the hair. In our recipe, the hair mask also doubles as a shampoo and is great for all hair types, so you can use it every day to give your hair a clay boost. Read our Shampoo Paste recipe here >



When you make hair wax yourself, you not only get to control its consistency and hold, but you can add beneficial ingredients to nourish your hair. Our wax recipe contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils for a great smell. These ingredients mean this wax can double as a conditioning balm, which can be rubbed onto the ends of damp hair. Read our Hair Wax recipe here >

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