Eco celebration ideas for Mum

With Mother's Day on the horizon (Sunday, 12 May) here's some eco ideas for your celebrations and, perhaps the greatest gift for a mother, relieving the burden of guilt for the un-eco things you do. Celebrate what you do do! 1. Take Mum to a nearby park or forest she might not have been to before and pack a picnic. Or keep it really local and simple by walking to your closest park to save on carbon miles! Pack reusable plates or keep your picnic basket (and eco footprint) light with our catering and picnic ware. Here's a list of parks and forests around Queensland or can google similar lists for other States. 2. Venture out to a local organic market. If in Brisbane, try the Northey Street City Farm Sunday Organic Farmer's Markets every Sunday morning from 6:00am to 10:30am. You can also enjoy free workshops, art activities for the kids (plus space to play), and breakfast at their Chai Cafe. We very much related to this post by Australian blogger The Eco Mum, 100 things I do that are not eco! The author highlights that while eco mum's can aim to do their best for Mother Nature, it's ok to make concessions for the sake of sanity and reality. We are all learning from each other every day and it's a step by step process. Be kind to yourself first, kind to others and kind to the planet. Image source: © Kweenc | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
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