Go paperless with online catalogues & e-newsletters

Our third post in a series on reducing unnecessary mail. For those who love flicking through the famously addictive catalogue dedicated to all things flat pack and the like, it's time to cancel those subscriptions and go digital. stop-junk-mailGo paperless with online catalogues and e-newsletters All hail the PDF! Not only will you probably see it ahead of time, but it won't get soggy with rain or be pinched by your neighbour. Oh, and you will save paper, ink and production and delivery footprints. Next time you receive a printed catalogue, check the company's website to find their digital equivalent and email them asking to cancel all print mailings to you. There are also websites dedicated to digital versions of print catalogues (www.cataloguecentral.com.au and www.lasoo.com.au). Have you experienced feeling great that you donated to a charity, but then feeling deflated by letter after letter from them, the cost of which must negate your donation? Whenever giving your address, be sure to look for the spot to indicate that you do not wish to be placed on a mailing list. If you receive a letter, give them a quick email or call to advise you wish to be removed from mailings and/or prefer an electronic newsletter instead. Speaking of such, have you signed up to our electronic newsletter as yet...?
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