How to Play Finska - The Best Summer Holiday Game!

Fancy a game these holidays that the whole family can play? Want to get the kids outdoors and away from the screen? Something that gets you into the sunshine but makes you use your mathematics skills? If this sounds attractive, Finska is the game for your family these holidays.

How to play Finska

Based on ancient log tossing games from Finland, this game is the brainchild of two Sydney Dads, keen on the outdoors. Having been introduced to it by a Finnish friend, they were hooked and surprised to see it wasn't available in Australia, given how ideal Finska is for our outdoorsy lifestyle. What we particularly love about Finska is that all ages can play together from very young to grandparents. On Christmas Day, we have teams of mixed ages and everyone is able to toss a log, and possibly score the game winning toss no matter their dexterity! It's simple to learn to play. Here's the rules to play Finska.

So, what is Finska?

Finska is a backyard tossing game that uses strategy and cunning. The first team to get to exactly 50 points is the winner. Consisting of pins, throwing log and carry crate and made from sustainable Birchwood, lots of thought has been put into this excellent game.

How do you play Finska?

Two to eight players can play and there has to be two teams for a match to be contested. Each team can have two to four players.

The aim:

To be the first team to get to exactly 50 points by knocking down the numbered pins, without breaking through a score of 50, otherwise your point count goes back down to 25. Strategy, some good old fashioned 'taking out' your opponent's chances, and the odd fluke will get you everywhere!

Setting up:

  1. Set up the 12 numbered pins in a tight cluster as per instruction sheet.
  2. Place the carry crate 3 to 4 metres away to mark the throwing position

General Play:

  1. From the throwing position, teams take turns to throw (underarm) the large throwing pin (The Finska) towards the numbered pins. Where there is more than one player in each team, the team must share its throws equally between all team members to a specific order.
  2. After each throw, the score is noted, added to the teams total score, and the numbered pins are placed back upright where they lie (using the base of the pin to mark the spot). The pins will spread as the game continues.


  1. A multiple pin score occurs when more than one pin has been fully knocked down. The team scores the number of pins fully knocked down, e.g. knocking down the 7, 11 and 12 scores 3 points.
  2. A single pin score occurs when only one pin has been fully knocked down. The team scores the number marked on that pin e.g. knocking down only the 7, scores 7.
  3. Pins must lie fully flat to be counted as knocked down. A pin resting or leaning on another pin is not down.

The “Twists”

  1. A team that scores zero on three consecutive turns, immediately loses the match (optional rule!).
  2. If a team's score exceeds 50, that team's score drops back to 25.

We hope these Finska rules help you enjoy the fun family times these summer holidays!

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