Is Plastic Free Shopping Possible?

Is Plastic Free Shopping Possible?

The growing plastic free movement is not about getting rid of all the plastic in your life, as that would be impossible for most people. Instead it is about trying to break our reliance on new items that contain plastic or are packaged in plastic, particularly single-use throwaway plastic. The Rogue Ginger sums it up nicely:
Plastic-free living, is not to live without plastic. Such a feat would be impossible for anyone that would like to live and interact within the realms of the modern society. Plastic-free living is more about reducing reliance on the material through our everyday actions. Think single use plastic like shopping bags, straws and over packaged food. My view: I'm not against plastic, simply against it's misuse.

So to answer our question, in our modern world it would be almost impossible to shop without any plastic (for example the device the you are currently using). But, you can actively try not to acquire new single-use plastic. With practice and routine, you can reduce your reliance on plastic.

24 ideas to help you reduce plastic when you shop:

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