WORLD FIRST: Reusable Bottles Made From Certified 90% Recycled Stainless Steel

Klean Kanteen reusable bottles are made from 90% recycled stainless steel 3.jpg Badges of environmental distinction, reusable bottles are a mainstay in our daily lives. They keep us hydrated and happy, our chilled drinks icy cold, and our morning coffee piping hot. Long time favourite for reusable bottles amongst the Biome community is the Klean Kanteen range. Loved for their premium quality, durable, lightweight, easy to clean, stylish designs, as well as their strong environmental credentials Klean Kanteen have definitely achieved a 'would recommend to a friend' status. Well now you're about to love this brand a whole lot more! [pswp_products ids="36349,36347"]

Reusable bottles made from recycled stainless steel, guaranteed

Klean Kanteen has never been afraid to go all in on big ideas, but this latest move might be their boldest one yet. They are making the switch to certified 90% post-consumer 18/8 (the top quality kind) stainless steel. That's right, on top of creating some the best quality reusable bottles available, soon many of their products will be guaranteed to be made almost entirely of recycled material. And this will actually be a first world wide. There are quite a few other companies that use recycled steel to make their bottles, but at lower levels than Klean Kanteen. These companies are also not third party certified, so there is no guarantee of the exact quantity of recycled material being used. Klean Kanteen will be the first to guarantee a specific percentage of post-consumer recycled content in its products. In order to maintain their long time above industry safety and quality standards, plus deliver on their Strong-As-Steel guarantee, Klean Kanteen have partnered with Inerteck, a third-party quality assurance certifier whose certification seal will be on all packaging. You will also notice a 90% Recycled Steel icon engraved on each Klean Kanteen product made with certified recycled steel. [pswp_products ids="36384,36385"]

Why not 100% recycled stainless steel?

To reach the desired properties of 18/8 stainless steel, 10% of pure materials must be present. This 10% of virgin steel maintains hardness, density and thickness. But note, while Klean Kanteen uses 10% virgin steel, that 10% is virgin scrap from other production projects. Yet another way Klean Kanteen provides zero waste solutions! [pswp_products ids="24775,16596"]

What is 18/8 stainless steel?

18/8 stainless steel is 304 grade stainless steel. The number 18/8 represents the composition of this steel - 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This particular composition makes it very resistant to corrosion and oxidation (thanks chromium) and very durable (thanks nickel). 18/8 stainless steel is food grade, medical grade and safe for your family. [pswp_products ids="32647,36373"]

Klean Kanteen score top eco points

By switching to recycled material, Klean Kanteen will achieve a
  • 40% reduction in steel greenhouse gas emissions
  • 30% reduction in energy demand
  • 60–80% reduction in ecosystem impacts
This incredible achievement from Klean Kanteen is now on top of being a:
  • Certified B Corporation,
  • 1 % For The Planet Member,
  • Certified Carbon Neutral, and a
  • Family and employee owned company.
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Where to buy Klean Kanteen in Australia

Biome is one of the only places in Australia where you can buy Klean Kanteen in store. See their range up close and in person and you will quickly appreciate why so many people love it. You can find your nearest Biome store here. You can also find Klean Kanteen's extensive range on our website right here. [pswp_products ids="33027,31247"]
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