Staff Picks - Onya Weigh Reusable Produce Bags

This week, Jasmine from our online team shares her favourite Biome product, Onya Weigh reusable produce bags. Onya reusable produce bags

Onya Weigh Reusable Produce Bags

Onya Weigh reusable produce bags come in a pack of five or eight. They are extremely lightweight mesh bags and are great to use instead of single-use plastic bags when buying fruit and veggies, or at the bulk food store. Jasmine is always looking for alternatives to single-use plastic, and loves that Onya Weigh reusable produce bags have made it super easy for her to reduce her impact whenever she is buying fresh produce at her local farmers' market. Not only are these produce bags reusable, they are also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This means much less energy and water has gone into making these bags compared to regular single-use plastic bags. Each bag measures approximately 25cm x 30cm and can easily carry 2kg of produce. And because they are mesh, they are see-through, making checkout a breeze. They also come in a small, lightweight pouch, so they are really easy to keep them in your bag and take with you wherever you go. Once at home, you can use the bags as a colander to clean the produce inside. They are also fantastic for storing produce neatly in the fridge. If they are starting to look a little dirty, just add them to a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine. Jasmine loves Onya Weigh reusable produce bags because they are long lasting and a wonderfully sustainable product. She loves to recommend these to family and friends and she thinks they are something everyone should keep on hand! Jasmine's tip: Bring your Onya Weigh reusable produce bags to the markets and support local farmers. They really appreciate it when you bring your own bags! Shop our range of reusable produce bags here Sign up to our newsletter to receive ideas to live a more eco and ethical lifestyle, plus exclusive specials to make it easier for you >
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