Solidteknics: Healthy, Australian Made Non-Stick Cookware That Will Last Generations

Would you knowingly cook with something that leaves a carcinogenic chemical in your body? All for the convenience of food sliding off the surface more easily? Unfortunately, this is the hidden cost of using some coated non-stick cookware. Fortunately, we have the highly regarded stainless steel Solidteknics with a non-stick coating that you build yourself using natural oils, so you can trust exactly what it is! Enjoy less scrubbing at washing up time without the health hazards, plus it is truly made-to-last cookware that you can hand down to your kids. Healthy Non-Stick Cookware That Will Last Generations | Solidteknics

The Problems with Non-Stick Cookware

Bad for your Health

Much non-stick cookware is made with poly and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFA's), which when heated release perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These substances are also found in stain and water repellent fabrics and furnishings such as carpets and clothing. PFOA is linked to host of health problems, such as thyroid disease and other endocrine disruption, infertility in women, organ damage, reproductive and developmental problems in animals, liver malfunction, ulcerative colitis, high cholesterol, cancers, arthritis, and altered immune response in children.

Scientists Are Concerned

In 2015, 200 scientists globally signed the Madrid Statement, a scientific consensus on the dangers of PFA's. This statement urges consumers, governments and manufacturers to avoid the entire class of fluorinated substances, both long chain and short chain. In the US, the EPA has urged companies to find alternatives to long chain PFA's, seen as the worst type. As such, companies have been replacing these products with ones made of short chain PFA's. The companies involved say the short chain PFA products are safe, but scientists are again saying they are not. Most non-stick cookware on the market contains short chain PFA's.

Not Built to Last

In addition to the health issues presented by coated non-stick cookware, a lot of what is available today is made cheaply and quickly from poor quality materials in overseas factories. In many cases, a Teflon coated fry pan will last just a few months to a year before the coating starts to scratch and flake, often being tossed out to landfill. This is a waste of money, resources and is bad news for our environment.

Biome Has the Solution: Healthy, Toxin Free Non-Stick Cookware That Will Last Generations

Chefs, wellness bloggers and naturopaths from all over Australia recommend the Solidteknics range of cookware as one of the very best in terms of health, durability and origin. Solidteknics is Australian made and engineered from one solid piece of seamless and rivetless Australian wrought iron, which cooks like cast iron but is half the weight. They are highly conductive on any heat source, so you can use it on your gas, ceramic, or induction cooktop, as well as open fire. This beautifully made range of cookware is literally a once in a lifetime purchase that can be handed down to future generations, helping you to break the landfill cycle. The very best thing about them is they are completely non-toxic. These health preserving pans are non-stick with a renewable, do-it-yourself coating that you can maintain forever through seasoning. Below we outline how to season your Solidteknics cookware and maintain the non-stick coating.

How to Season Your Solidteknics Cookware

The pans come from the factory pre-seasoned but you are recommend to build this up some more at home with the following method:
  1. Drop a small amount of flax seed, soy bean or rice bran oil on warm pan or dampen a cloth with the oil.
  2. Wipe over the whole pan very thinly, so that all the visible oil is gone and the surface only appears polished.
  3. If there's still too much oil, wipe off again so it only looks polished
  4. Place pans upside down in a 250C oven for 1.5 hours, then switch off and cool in oven for half an hour.
  5. Repeat 3-6 times to establish the best foundation of low-stick and corrosion resistant seasoning. Seasoning will improve with more cooking and correct cleaning
Check out the full instructions and tips on the Biome website under each Solidteknics pan.

Our Favourites in the Solidteknics Range

Solidteknics provides a comprehensive range of frying pans, skillets and a wok, in different sizes. Healthy Non-Stick Cookware That Will Last Generations | Solidteknics Georgia Harding of Well Nourished loves the Solidtekics Wok 30cm Dual-Handle (pictured above). She uses it for stir frys, pasta and noodle dishes, and anything that requires depth. Healthy Non-Stick Cookware That Will Last Generations | Solidteknics The Solidteknics Skillet/Frying Pan 30cm (pictured above) is a hit with Biome customers. It's size makes it a great pan for family meals, and it's helper handle allows for easy lifting and maneuverability. Shop the full Solidteknics range at Biome >
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