Ten reasons to swap your plastic pegs to steel pegs 

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1. Longevity

The number one benefit of steel pegs is longevity! They are designed to last you a lifetime. (If you pick the correct type of steel for your home environment, of course, refer to our blog post for that here). That's right, no more replacing your pegs every few years. [pswp_products ids="18890,19709"]

2. Zero waste

Steel pegs are recyclable at the end of their life (side note: not that we see them having an end of life in your hands). Making conscious purchases that won't end up in landfills at the end of their life is something worth patting yourself on the back for.

3. Plastic-free

Okay, so this one is a little obvious; of course, these stainless steel pegs are plastic-free. However, that is a point in itself - the more everyday items that we can steer away from plastic options, the better for our health and the planet. Plastic pegs are not recyclable and will likely end up in a landfill.

4. Versatility

You can use steel pegs in a whole list of different ways. For example, clipping closed open packets in the pantry, using them as a paper clip or hanging photographs around the house.

5. Unaffected by weather

Steel pegs can handle the weather, whether the blaring sun, the wind or the rain. Unlike plastic or wooden pegs, which can break, rust or mould in different weather conditions, these steel pegs are designed to thrive in all weather conditions. (Again - make sure to get the correct type of steel for your home environment by checking our blog) [pswp_products ids="30388"]

6. Steel pegs are unbreakable!

Steel pegs are very difficult to break, as they are made with one continuous piece of steel; they don't run into the same issues as wooden or plastic pegs. Steel pegs can be stood on with shoes or pressed too hard to open without having the same fate as a plastic or wooden peg.

7. No broken shards of plastic in the grass

As we just mentioned, plastic pegs tend to fall apart and can often break into sharp shards. This can be problematic for children playing in the grass, pets eating the fragments and just the cleanliness of your backyard.

8. Won't rust and stain your clothes

If you have the right stainless steel peg for your home environment, we can guarantee they won't rust and stain your clothing what a relief to know that hanging your clothing won't do more harm than good.

9. Capable of hanging heavier items like coats

As stainless steel pegs are significantly more robust than their alternatives, they can hang heavier coats and jackets.

10. They LOOK good

These pegs are stylish as well as functional. As a sustainable marketplace, we wouldn't usually recommend something based on its aesthetically pleasing appearance; however, it's worth mentioning when all other boxes are ticked! [pswp_products ids="26286"]
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