It's B Corp Month: Come Take a Look #BehindTheB

B Corp Month It's B Corp month, and we are so excited to celebrate all things B Corp! It's so powerful to be involved in a movement where businesses worldwide take some time to acknowledge the impacts of their decisions and celebrate their success. When a company is a Certified B Corporation, we can tell from afar that they commit to looking after our planet. In addition, it also tells us that a business is improving the everyday experiences for their staff and community. So together, we stand with over 4000 other B Corporations to celebrate this month.

Come take a look #BehindTheB.

Let's start with the basics; What does it mean to be a certified B Corporation?

Certified B Corporation or B Corp is a certification that symbolises that the business has met high standards for transparency, accountability, and performance. Essentially, being a B Corporation means that a business is certified for its ability to create value for the stakeholders, not only the shareholders.

#BehindTheB - Biome is a B Corp Certified Business

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More importantly... What does it mean to us at Biome to be a certified B Corp?

Being a B Corp company means everyday actions and operations are made with consideration for the environment first and foremost, not as an afterthought or post-decision justification.

Biome was the first Australian retailer to achieve B Corporation certification. As a company, we strive towards continuing to be on the front-line making sustainable choices, leading by example to encourage other businesses to do the same.


Let's break it down - What EXACTLY makes us B-corp

Biome's everyday actions

Some of the ways Biome strives to make a positive impact on the environment in everyday working conditions include:

  • Paying for GreenPower for all Biome locations and implementing energy-efficient lighting.
  • Biome also implements recycling across the business, including sending all soft plastic packaging for recycling, then taking recycling one step further and offering an in-store recycling program to take responsibility for the end of life of the products we sell, including beauty packaging. See what you can recycle here >.

  • We reuse all materials for packing orders in our warehouse. We also fit our stores with recycled, repurposed and no VOC materials. In addition, we request packaging-free products from our suppliers.

  • Biome offers a cash for bags scheme in store's where customers can bring any paper bags with handles suitable to be used again, and they will receive 20 cents. The store then reuses these bags for customers.

  • All Biome stores also use BPA-free docket printer paper.

#BehindTheB - Biome is a B Corp Certified Business

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Biome's choices for what we choose to sell

The products we have chosen to stock and offer to our customers are essential to our minimal impact.  We offer:

  • waste-free products, including raw ingredients for customers to make their very own skincare, cosmetics and cleaning products
  • products that are made to last a lifetime
  • replacement parts for the products we sell whenever they are available

Biome's choices for donating to causes making a difference

Biome contributes to environmental organisations to offset the environmental impact of shipping our online parcels.

 #BehindTheB - Biome is a B Corp Certified Business

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Biome's contribution to the community

Biome strongly advocates supporting your local community and encouraging sustainable practices in others. Some of the ways Biome supports the community include;
  • Donations to schools to encourage waste-free lunch and composting programs.
  • In-store gift wrapping contributions given to animal protection groups.
  • Supporting Kiva microloans lending group.
  • Adopting Orangutans, Koalas and helping other wildlife groups
  • Becoming a Palm Oil Investigations Approved brand to help support their work.
  • You can also see the lists of many organisations we have supported over the years > Biome beCAUSE.

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There's a lot to celebrate this B Corp month, and we are excited to continue to share in the celebrations and successes of our achievements and other B Corporations. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where you can delve further #BehindTheB at Biome.

#BehindTheB - Biome is a B Corp Certified Business

Some of the Biome Team: Amy, Charlotte, Karen and Kathryn

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