Save the koala this September

Koalas are confronted by a maze of roads and human mayhem and with fewer places to live, they're becoming urban refugees. This 'flagship' species tells us the Australian bush is in trouble. This September, we've got some easy ways you can help.

Koalas are confronted by a maze of roads and human mayhem and with fewer places to live, they're becoming urban refugees.*

We know that habitat loss (mainly land clearing) is the single greatest problem facing koalas. Eighty per cent of koala habitat has already disappeared and although koalas themselves are protected by law around 80% of their remaining habitat exists on privately owned land - almost none of which is protected by legislation. There are less than 115,000 koalas remaining in Australia (although other estimates are even lower than this).

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) believes the Australian Government should be responsible for the protection of koala habitat on private land and not leave it up to the present approach where each state is responsible. All funds raised during the month of September by Biome will go directly to the instatement of the ‘National Koala Act', a one-page piece of legislation which basically says: “You cannot harm it, you cannot harm its joey and you cannot harm its habitat.” How you can help: Make a donation to our donation boxes at our counters in store (or get involved in the fundraising effort by requesting a donation box for your work, local gym or school, or by holding a fundraising event). You can also adopt a koala or plant a tree (for koala habitat) online! Support the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital by purchasing their excellent Koala Hospital Documentary available to download for $14.95. It's a an entertaining and educational story for kids and adults. About the documentary: For almost 40 years, the Koala Hospital and its community of volunteers have been caring for sick and injured wild koalas, giving them a second chance at life. Australian filmmaker Susan Kelly documented wild behaviour and life at the hospital over 3 years, capturing unprecedented footage of koala communication, dramatic rescues, heartfelt emotion and amusing koala antics. *Quote from Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Source: Australian Koala Foundation. Image source: © Walterq | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos.
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