Simple acts of kindness that will make someone's day (and the planet's!)

Here are some great ways to lift the spirits of those around you, whether that be a friend, a partner, a family member or someone you don't even know! And, like everything at Biome, these ideas are not only kind to others, they are kind to the planet too. Simple acts of kindness that will make someone's day (and the planet's)

Take a walk in nature with a friend

Take a tech time out and head into the bush with a friend. Put on some comfy sneakers, pack some snacks and find your nearest park, walking track or stretch of beach. Enjoy the conversation and the chance to be present with that person. When it comes to sneakers, we love our Veja's. This sustainable fashion pioneer use eco friendly materials like GOTS certified cotton and vegetable leather, pay their co-operative cotton growers and rubber tappers between 30% and 100% above the world market price, and don't use sweatshops and child labour (unlike Adidas and Nike). Investing in a pair will not only make you feel good, but will benefit those involved in making them too. [pswp_products ids="31608,31778"]

Cook someone a meal

Perhaps you know some new parents, someone who has been unwell or is a bit stressed out at the moment. Cooking a nice, healthy meal for them will not only ensure they have nourishing food on hand, it may help relieve some of their pressure. When it comes to taking it to them, pop in a reusable container that won't end up in landfill. Our Good To Go range is made from quality stainless steel, so you'll have them for life! [pswp_products ids="24358,32302"]

Send a nice note

Notes are always a really nice way to let someone (especially those that get a bit uneasy with the face to face emotional stuff!) that you're thinking of them, or that you are thankful. They make people feel included, valued and encouraged. Include a mantra or some positive words on a nice card or note paper and pop it somewhere for them to find it later. We love these carbon neutral, Australian printed cards from Earth Greetings that feature artwork by Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, Peachy Rebel. [pswp_products ids="32718,27225"]

Gift inspiration

Harvard Business Review sums the power of inspiration up perfectly:
Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.
The potency of inspiration and its potential impact everything we do cannot be underestimated. So what could be kinder than gifting someone a little inspiration package and help them experience the positive effect inspiration brings! What counts as inspiration differs from person to person. Below are some Australian magazines that are filled with beautiful stories that consistently inspire us. Perhaps you could pop a magazine and some other bits and pieces into a gift bag for someone you care for. [pswp_products ids="32783,32742"]

Buy someone behind you a cup of coffee

We hear of this happening all the time - what a nice thing to do! You never know the kind of day the person behind you in the line at the coffee shop is having. Your simple act of kindness in this situation might mean the absolute world to them. [pswp_products ids="32392,32391"]

Treat time!

Everyone loves a treat, and these Botanika Blends goodies are the best. Made locally in Australia (so supporting an Australian family near you), they are vegan, palm oil free and packed full of wholesome ingredients. [pswp_products ids="32660,32692"]
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