Dressed Head to toe in Certified B-corp Clothing!

Dressed head to toe in B-corp!

The B-corp month celebrations continue... in style! We wanted to create a fashionable post this B-corp month to remind our customers that sustainable and ethical practices don't have to be devoid of style. So in this blog post, we feature five outstanding certified B-corp brands that we adore; Outland Denim, Indosole, Wares by Olli and Ella, Terrathread and Veja. Being a B-corp certified fashion brand is no easy feat. However, these brands that we are celebrating today have jumped through hoops to bring innovative solutions to the fashion world and are loud and proud advocates that other brands should do the same. Being B-corp certified isn't everything in terms of sustainability. Still, it's a sure-fire way to trust that the brand you are supporting is putting in the work to align its business practices with 'sustainability'. With no further ado, let us introduce you to some very stylish head to toe B-corp outfits. Let's add #Bcorpoutfit to the sustainable vernacular.

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Outfit 1 - The ultimate weekender

Top: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36032"] Shorts: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36031"] Bag: Terra Thread [pswp_products ids="33220"] Slides: Indosole [pswp_products ids="34246"]  

Outfit 2 - The everyday

Top: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36040"] Jeans: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="27723"] Tote bag: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36041"] Shoes: Veja [pswp_products ids="28145"]

Outfit 3 - A little bit of sunshine

Dress: Wares by Olli Ella [pswp_products ids="36872"] Slides: Indosole [pswp_products ids="34246"]

Outfit 5 - Coffee date

Top: Wares by Olli Ella [pswp_products ids="36874"] Skirt: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36033"] Sneakers: Veja [pswp_products ids="31603"]

Outfit 6 - Don't forget to take a jacket!

Dress: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36037"] Jacket: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="34166"] Backpack: Terra Thread [pswp_products ids="33215"] Platform slides: Indosole [pswp_products ids="34247"]

Outfit 7 - Road-trip time

Top: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="36915"] Shorts: Outland Denim [pswp_products ids="30869"] Sneakers: Veja [pswp_products ids="34859"]

Outfit 8 - Let's go to the markets

Dress: Wares by Olli Ella [pswp_products ids="36873"] Tote bag: Terra Thread [pswp_products ids="33220"] Slides: Indosole [pswp_products ids="34245"]
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