Meet the Maker: A S'well way to keep water cold & safe

S'well pictures a world where plastic bottles don't pollute the planet, and where all people have access to fresh drinking water. S'well water bottles are beautifully crafted, insulated water bottles that not only have the ability to keep cold drinks cold, and hot ones hot, they use the highest quality stainless steel, leach no harmful substances, are toxin-free, and are virtually unbreakable, creating a drinking experience like no other. S'well insulated water bottles were launched in September 2010 by company founder Sarah Kauss. Sarah conceived the idea for S'well bottles while on a hike, she wanted a bottle that was both stylish and functional. S'well have a simple vision, to provide people of the world access to clean drinking water one S'well bottle at a time. To achieve this vision S'well has partnered with WaterAid, an organisation which has provided local water solutions in the world's neediest areas for over 30 years. S'well donates 10% from the sale of every S'well insulated water bottle. The donations will support WaterAid's programs to improve access to safe water in the world's poorest communities. Over 200 billion bottles of bottled water are consumed each year around the world, yet less than 20% of these bottles are recycled. S'well aims to eliminate the number of plastic bottles discarded every year. By using a reusable water bottle as much as possible you will help reduce plastic waste, and by using a S'well water bottle you'll also be supporting an important cause. *Images courtesy of S'well bottles   Save
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