The Lost Troopy Series: Low Waste Travel & Camping Ideas For Your Next Big Road Trip

The Lost Troopy Series: Low Waste Travel & Camping Ideas For Your Next Big Road Trip

Jacqui and Trent are currently travelling around Australia in their 1987 Troopy. Follow their low waste living journey on the road in The Lost Troopy Series.

Sometime when we go camping we make last minute decisions on what to bring that often aren't great for the environment. However a little preparation at home as well as investing in high quality, durable products to take with you can make a big difference. It is our responsibility to care for our environment and that includes the footprint we leave when travelling. These items help us waste less whilst we travel around Australia.

The Lost Troopy Series: Low Waste Travel & Camping Ideas For Your Next Big Road Trip

1. Water Storage & Filtration like a Southern Cross Pottery Water Purifier & Fluoride Plus Filter

Many people I know are happy to drink tap water at home but when they go camping they head to the supermarket and buy a single use 10L plastic water bottle. Why? Simply for convenience. Some people are super shocked that a 10L ceramic water filter made the cut in our small set up but it is so important! Having the filter allows us to collect water wherever we are without creating waste. We have two 20L reusable water drums that we can fill up wherever we are even if the water isn't deemed 'drinkable/potable' and the filter turns it into clean drinking water. We have travelled through many towns where there is no clean drinking water so having the filter has saved us buying water. The fluoride filter removes 99.99% of water contaminants like bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals whilst remineralising your water. Anyone that is a frequent camper or considering a big camping trip I would highly recommend investing in reusable water drums and a good quality water filter.

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2. Toxic Free All Purpose Soap like That Red House Organic Soapberries

Who knew soap literally grew on trees? These soapberries (also known as soap nuts) are amazing and as soon as I found out about them I was able to heavily reduce our cleaning products at home and brought them with us on the road. You can use the berries just as they are by adding them straight to the sink (or in our case a bucket) and let your clothes or dishes soak. Or you can add them to a pot of water, bring to the boil and make a liquid concentrate. They have multiple uses from washing the dishes to washing your body and hair. When we wash our clothes by hand or at a laundromat we add some apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate soda and essential oils like lemon and eucalyptus to make our clothes extra fresh. The berries are 100% natural and will decompose at the end of their life cycle (3-4 uses) so you aren't leaving a toxic trace when you are out in the bush! They are also dried and very light weight, great for multi day hikes or roaming backpackers.

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3. Stainless Steel & Insulated Water Bottles like Klean Kanteen & BBBYO

Our life on the road is very active and we are always drinking water to stay hydrated! Our water bottles go with us everywhere which means we never have to buy plastic water bottles. The 2L Klean Kanteen water bottle is perfect for hikes and for ensuring you are drinking enough water throughout the day. I also have the BBBYO insulated water bottle and it is fantastic because you can use it for hot or cold drinks. . This bottle was my lifesaver travelling through QLD in Summer. It was 40 degrees outside but my water was ice cold inside the bottle! Now during Winter I love filling the bottle with tea and soups, they stay warm all day. You can even use it for pre soaking beans and lentils overnight to get the cooking process started. Choosing items that have more than one use is a great step towards making better decisions as a consumer.

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4. Reusable Containers like Onyx

One lesson I have learnt living in a 4WD is that when the track gets rough things will break! Stainless steel is without a doubt our preferred material on the road. It is durable, tough, lightweight and non-leaching. We take our Onyx containers with us whenever we go hiking because they are leak proof and super lightweight to pack. We like to make big soups and curries on the fire and they are fantastic for storing our leftovers and taking them out and about the next day.

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5. Reusable Produce Bags like Onya or 4MyEarth

Whenever you go on a road trip you are bound to come across some amazing farmers markets or side of the road stalls. Reusable produce bags are awesome and have multiple uses. You can stock up on fruit and veg without single use plastic bags. Onya bags have mesh walls which means they allow your produce to breathe stay fresher for longer. You can also take your reusable bags and stock up at bulk food stores on flours, grains and legumes or even take your bag to the bakery. When they aren't filled with food the bags are super handy for storage and also double as a nut milk bag.

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Trent and I have been travelling around Australia since the beginning of the year. We spend most of our time camped out in national parks, on beaches, in mountains or along fresh water creeks and full time camping and exploring has become our life. We are incredibly passionate about the earth and the decisions we make everyday that add to our environmental footprint. We hope to inspire others to explore and care for this beautiful country for so many reasons but simply because spending time in nature is vital for optimal health and wellness.

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The Lost Troopy Series: Low Waste Travel & Camping Ideas For Your Next Big Road Trip

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