Meet the Maker: Redecker - 75 years of traditional style brushes, scourers and more.

A Traditional History

Friedrich Redecker “senior” learnt the craft of natural brush making in Germany after going blind at an early age. The traditional craft was the standard training given at the Soest school for the blind, and brush making allowed Redecker a way to provide for his family. Friedrich continued the craft until passing at the age of 72. Redecker's youngest son reluctantly took over the small family business and was surprised to see a wild demand for the quality crafted brushes and brooms at a nearby market. Over 75 successful years later the Redecker business is still making traditional brushes, scourers and pegs, only on a global scale! The little brush making company started by Freidrich as a means of survival has expanded to a company showing off their brushes at the world's top trade fairs and utilising their permanent shop/workshop as a way to improve and develop their scourers and brushes. Staying true to the company's traditional roots, the third generation of the Redecker family has joined the company, securing the innovation and quality associated with the Redecker name.

Sustainable and Ethical

Bürstenhaus Redecker's mix of innovation and tradition, and their use of sustainable wood and natural, ethically sourced fibres are why Biome is proud to stock Redecker brushes. Each brush is shaped and finished by hand, giving a unique artisan quality to the product.

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