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The Genesis of One Thousand Lines

Adelaide creative duo Irena and Alen gave up their day jobs in 2013 to embark on a journey of making beautiful, sustainable bags, scarves and homewares. The result is One Thousand Lines and their startlingly beautiful design and craftsmanship speaks for itself. Irena is a printmaker by trade and Alen is a physiotherapist. Seeking a change both personally and professionally, they made the move from Croatia to Australia. They then started experimenting with screen printing and the possibilities quickly became obvious. Alen and Irena's inspiration became unstoppable as they embarked on a range of lampshades, scarves, table runners and bags. In their own words “We loved the idea of being able to work together in our home studio whilst being close to our two young sons. All our products are made by us from start to finish.” one-thousand-lines-flat-gathered-pouch-natural Where do you get inspiration for your designs? We draw inspiration from our everyday surroundings, especially our natural environment. We love going on hikes, wandering around the Adelaide Hills. Whilst on these walks we look for striking patterns and shapes. We also collect plants to use as inspiration. Most of our inspiration comes from bouncing ideas off each other. One Thousand Lines - Handmade in Australia with Love How do you ensure sustainability? As designers/makers, it's our responsibility to ensure that all materials and processes we use are not harming our environment. Therefore all our designs are handcrafted using carefully selected sustainable materials such as hemp, linen and organic cotton. Hemp is nature's strongest and most durable fibre. It is also naturally drought and pest resistant. All organic cottons we use are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. When printing we use only water-based, solvent-free inks. one-thousand-lines-botanica-pouch-black Can you tell us more about how you support local businesses for example in your materials procurement? All our materials are sourced from Australian businesses. We believe that by sourcing locally there are many benefits to the local economy and it is good for the community. Local sourcing also represents a big opportunity to help the environment. When you reduce shipping, you reduce emissions and energy usage. One Thousand Lines - Handmade in Australia with Love What's coming up for One Thousand Lines in 2018? Our existing range will be expanded with new designs and products. At Biome we can't wait to see these new products.
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