Raw inspiration: the people behind Loving Earth

Loving Earth is an Australian business that works alongside indigenous communities worldwide. They source healthy, sustainable and fair ingredients to produce the most delicious raw and organic super foods. The story behind this company is just as inspired as their products. The Loving Earth story begins in rural India not far from Mumbai, where founding director Scott Fry had been working with the local Adivasi people on an organic farming project. Many local farmers were selling their topsoil to brickmakers, since agriculture was not a viable source of income for them any longer. Finding a way to support these people meant commercialising their commodities in a manner that both honoured them and allowed them to do what they had been doing for thousands of years. Scott went on to Mexico, working with an indigenous Mayan co-operative to help them find a market for their coffee and cacao. It became apparent that the only real asset many of these communities had in the modern world were these crops that their ancestors had domesticated. It was the Olmecs, the ancestors of the Mayan cooperative that Scott was working with in Izapa, who first domesticated cacao thousands of years ago. Three years later Scott was back in Melbourne, broke and with a child on the way, but full of inspiration...Loving Earth began in 2007. Wonderfully, the business took off quickly by finding people who were looking for products which could fulfill these values. Loving Earth has been trying to keep up with demand ever since! The current facility in Campbellfield, Victoria is a far cry from the humble beginnings, which saw them using a little bakery at night to make chocolate, operating the business from home, and hand wrapping chocolate bars in the kitchen. Everything has come full circle for Loving Earth. They've been able to go and work with the Aboriginal community of Nyul Nyul people up in the Kimberleys. Now doing exactly what Scott envisioned back in India, taking the manufacturing of products back to indigenous communities. Loving Earth's range available at Biome includes: organic, raw and fair trade chocolate, Luvju superfood bar, dehydrated Kale Chips and raw organic cacao powder. Please do visit and browse all the Loving Earth raw awesomeness.
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