Wandering ponderings with Kate Knapp

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Twigseeds is the nest and nom de plume of the wonderfully talented and playful Australian illustrator and artist, Kate Knapp. A graduate of the Queensland College of Art, Kate spends her time between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

First launched in Brisbane in the mid 90s, Twigseeds is famous for its colourful and curious characters, cards, stationery, and books they inhabit, and the unique perspective they share. With what Kate describes as ecstatic ramblings, melancholy musings, and wandering ponderings, the Twigseeds collection is a constant source of fun and inspiration. With enlightening and uplifting messages, and playful and insightful characters, Twigseeds reminds us to to take care - of ourselves as well as others, the little things as well as the big stuff, our planet as well as our back yard. About Kate Knapp's range
  • Made from 55%recycled oxygen bleached paper.
  • Printed with vegetable based inks.
  • All Kate Knapp products are designed to inspire uplift and enlighten. She believes passing inspirational messages from one person to another is helping to create a positive shift in values on this planet, thus making a better world for us all.
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