Meet Jo & Micko from Viva La Body!

Viva La Body | Buy shampoo bars online Australia | Australian made beauty products Jo here, founder of Viva La Body. I was born and raised in Queensland and in 1992 moved to Darwin to go to Uni. I fell in love with Darwin and a certain human called Micko (he was raised in Melbourne) and never left!! Viva started back in 1999 on the kitchen bench in a share house in Darwin! The first products were soap, with lotions and potions soon to follow, which we sold at local markets. Fairly soon, Viva La Body became a full time career and we opted our own concept stores that we ran for 15 years. [pswp_products ids="25135,25145"] Three years ago we made a radical shift in our business and became a full zero waste brand. At our local dump there is no recycling system actively in place and there is a huge (and growing) mountain of landfill. We knew that we needed to change the way we operate our business and felt we should stop manufacturing products in bottles or jars. We set ourselves some solid rules - all packaging must be compostable, all products must be vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. [pswp_products ids="26740,26738"] Micko and I are passionate about our production chain and doing everything ourselves! Together we are the formulator, the manufacturer, the art designer, the social media manager (with technical assistance from teenage daughters), the picker and packer of orders, the delivery person, the cleaner and all that is involved in the day to day running of our business. Micko and I have learned so much over the 21+ years of Viva! A valuable lesson we have learned is that it is never too late to change (you can teach an old dog new tricks)! Our shift to zero waste has been daunting, exhilarating and ultimately so emotionally rewarding. [pswp_products ids="26731,26736"] The Biome team love Viva La Body, with so many of us using their products in our our skin, hair and body care routines every week. Shop the range online and in-store now.
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