KILLA Industries was born out of a deep need to make a global impact for healthier people, a healthier planet and a better future for all.  The Killapilla has been designed and developed by Dr. Todd Gignac (Chiropractor) and his wife Carolina. Together they created Australia’s only locally made all natural, organic and spinally correct pillows, made in Gympie, Queensland, Australia.  One day Todd and Carolina were faced with the reality that they didn’t feel comfortable selling the therapeutic pillows that we were stocking in their practice. They looked for alternatives but there where none. The Killapilla has been developed by combining the latest in design technology features with only the purest and most natural materials of the past. Resulting in the creation of a perfect pillow. One that is spinally correct, customisable, comfortable, safe, healthy, all natural and organic, and kind to the environment. 

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