No Pong

Chris and Melanie made their first batch of No Pong in 2015 in their Sydney kitchen. Shortly after, on a surfing trip in Indonesia, they themselves were astounded by the effectiveness of their creation. Keen to share this discovery with the world, they structured their business around three main points.

  1. Plastic, or the lack thereof. They have vowed to keep their packaging 100% plastic free for good.
  2. Whole health. Pushing back against the idea that armpits are dirty, Chris and Melanie promote a wholesome approach to being in touch with your body, working with it rather than against it. This is the secret to No Pong's incredible effectiveness.
  3. Their customers and community. Throughout the years, No Pong has always listened to customer feedback and desires and tried to fill those needs within the scope of their principles. They have also made countless donations to charities and continue to support their community in all sorts of outstanding ways.

Try No Pong for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

Please note: No Pong is only available for purchase in-store at one of our 5 locations. Please check store stock levels before making the trip in to prevent disappointment.

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