Olive Gap Organic Farm

The Olive Gap Organic Farm is a certified organic, off-grid family farm specialising in small batch native essential oils and seasonal cut flowers. Located in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia, the team consists of Alex & Tara (and their three little girls) and Tess & Nina (and their dog). Alex and Tess are brother and sister and grew up just down the road. They took over the farm in 2016 from their now mentor, Arthur Brown, an 80 year old marathon runner who had been growing and distilling Tea Tree on the land for over 30 years. 'Since 2001' is a homage to Arthur, as this was the year the farm became officially certified with Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The team draws inspiration from various sustainable farming practices, both old and new, including permaculture, bio-intensive, bio-dynamics and regenerative agriculture. Our aim is to create the highest quality products available that are equally nourishing to us, our customers and the earth.

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