Salt and Pepper Grinders

Add a touch of elegance and flavour to your table with our collection of salt and pepper grinders salt and pepper grinders are from Cole and Mason, one of the leading brands for salt and pepper mills.  We have carefully selected a range of grinders with minimal plastic, high quality wood, that are designed to last for life. They feature a ceramic mechanism for salt and carbon steel for peppercorns, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Whether you prefer fine or coarse grinds, you can easily adjust the grinder settings to suit your taste. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to match your kitchen decor and enjoy the fresh and aromatic taste of freshly ground salt and pepper.

Best of all, these salt grinders will work with sea salt flakes like Tasman Sea Salt and Murray River Salt, so no more need to use pink rock salt from overseas.  You can also avoid salt shakers with highly processed salt.

We think Cole and Mason are the best salt and pepper grinders in Australia when you weigh up quality, reliability, style and price.

Choose from a salt and pepper grinder set or choose a separate pepper grinder or salt grinder.



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