The Broth Sisters

A small family-run business, The Broth Sisters is owned and run by real-life sisters Linda and Jane. Growing up on a farm in northern NSW a ‘farm to table’ approach was what they knew best. The food they ate was the food their papa planted, nurtured and harvested. It was an ideal childhood centred around family, friends and simple pleasures. For a while they lived separate lives, but always came back to papa's broth. They both had young families when Jane proposed they use their secret family recipes and create a delicious broth packed with love, not only for their families, but for everyone to enjoy.

Together they embarked upon a journey to share papa’s broth and establish a business to provide their premium artisan made broth to health clients and local communities. The business has grown organically and they now supply their beautiful broth, made locally in Port Melbourne from the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients at many farmers’ markets and fine food stores in Melbourne and it’s greater regions. 

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